California Feetwarmers

MASTERS of ragtime, Dixieland blues and early swing, The California Feetwarmers are renowned for an earthy depth of character that sets them apart from others who have followed that throwback path to New Orleans, Circa 1920.

Last year they played to 1000 revellers when they sold out Glasgow’s Old Fruitmarket during the city’s Celtic Connections Festival.

The Candy Jacket Jazz Band is a nod to the past while also pressing forward with fresh, original compositions.

​The Candy Jacket Jazz Band is comprised of some of the finest traditional jazz musicians in the Los Angeles area: Albert Alva (tenor sax), Nate Ketner (clarinet/alto sax), Bryan Shaw (trumpet), Dan Weinstein (trombone), Chris Dawson (piano), Seth Ford-Young (upright bass), Jonathan Stout (guitar), & Josh Collazo - (drums)

The Candy Jacket Jazz Band
Dave Stuckey and the 4 Hoot Owls

Before Western Swing was given a name in 1944, it was simply known as "Hot String Band" music. Dave Stuckey and the 4 Hoot Owls mines this particular vein of the earliest form of this infectious, swinging genre, whose earliest stars were Milton Brown, Bob Wills, The Light Crust Doughboys, and The Tune Wranglers, among others. This red-hot aggregation features Dave Stuckey on rhythm guitar and vocals, Dave Berzansky on steel guitar, Bobby Furgo on fiddle, Wally Hersom on the doghouse bass and the inimitable Carl Sonny Leyland on piano. Who's makin’ that sound? The Hoot Owls are comin’ to town!

Leyland has also continued his involvement with the rockabilly scene & plays each year in the backing band at Viva Las Vegas & more recently at the Rockabilly Rave USA. In this capacity he has worked with such notables as Janis Martin, Ruth Brown, Billy Lee Riley & Carl Mann.

While he possesses the necessary vocabulary to pay tribute to the greats of old, he refuses to limit himself to this & prefers to let each performance be an opportunity to say something new.

Carl Sonny Leyland Quartet Plus 1