L.A. Style Lindy Track

Smooth Lindy (also known as Hollywood Style) is a style variation of the Lindy Hop invented by Dean Collins, who danced at the Savoy Ballroom as a teenager. He moved out West and brought his own style of Lindy to Los Angeles. He taught many dancers and actors that were depicted  in many of the movies in Hollywood.


The main passion of Steve and Chanzie, they are excited to add this track to LA Shag Festival!

You have a little experience swing dancing and little to no experience dancing LA/Hollywood/Smooth style Lindy. Maybe you don't even know what that means! Or maybe you are an intermediate level Lindy Hopper but you know nothing about LA Style and you want to learn from the ground floor. This track will teaches you the basics of what everyone should know as a Smooth Style dancer*.


*We all use the terms LA Style/Hollywood Style/Smooth Style/Dean Collins Style in a similar fashion

Levels description
Level 1 - Beginners Track
Level 2 - Intermediate Track

You have been dancing a while and you are pretty good on the social floor. You might have zero, a little, or a lot of exposure and experience with LA Style Lindy but you aren't that good and you want to get better. This track will nail down what it is to be an LA Style dancer. Things you should know and things you should be good at.

Level 3 - Advanced Track