Stephen Sayer 
Stephen Sayer 

You know and love him already! Nobody challenges more students, competitors and shag communities around the world than he does!


You can see his stamp on the shag scene, as he's the most productive and innovative shag choreographer, coach and competitor of our time.


Finally we can experience all that passion in his very own Festival, in the heart of his beloved city: Los Angeles, California.

She's terrific!


Co-responsible for the shag explosion and growth, making jaws drop around the globe, this extraordinary and powerful shagger never wastes a beat... or your attention!


Her vast experience in gymnastics and dance makes her shag radiate with expression, creativity and hardcore skills. But don't just get paralyzed by her talent, because she will make sure to level up any dancer that crosses her way!


Chandrae Roettig
Mike Mizgalski

Talk about suave and sophisticated, this long-time Collegiate Shag icon is so smooth he won’t spill his Sailor Jerry shaggin’ at 300 bpm! Known the world over as Sailor Mike, he brings a cool and classy style to the dance floor.


He has been the ambassador and the face of Collegiate Shag for nearly 20 years. While many come and go, Sailor Mike has always been there for the follows looking for a shag dance.


Side note: He is also the only person Stephen Sayer has taken a shag private lesson from.

If you are able to take your eyes away from her beautiful face and exotic presence, you will see a vibrant, vivacious and dynamic dancer. Karine brings a joyous energy and precise perfection to the dance floor.


She aroused interest among follows around the globe, who wanted to learn her very feminine and elegant movements.


Skilled in many dance forms, this Brazilian beauty has a versatility and knowledge of movement and body awareness that is dazzling in her Collegiate Shag.

Karine Hermes
Dave Frutos

It's hard to understand how much badassness can contain someone so kind.


Veteran Dave knows it ALL, but he brings it to you as if he was walking you through a beautiful and happy garden. You don't even realize how hard what you're doing is, because it's impossible to not feel good around such supportive and positive presence.


Watching him go all the way down to the ground is a guaranteed blast! And as he kills it on the dance floor, he cultivates more than a thousand smiles.

Kim Clever

Kim walked into the Derby during the swing dance boom of 1993 and now she is an inspiration and teacher to all of us.. This spritely, spunky and hilarious woman will have you rolling with her dry sense of humor and moving your feet in waves you didn’t know where possible. Kim is a Hollywood star among the swing community, but she just makes you feel like you are best friends at a party. If you are ever in need of some wise words or a little bit of seasoned advise, Kim knows what’s up!!! She has won several titles, choreographed and performed through her career of 20 years. Needless to say, you can learn a thing or two from this charming ball of fire. 

Shawn Carter

His candid smile and peaceful blue eyes disguise a well of history. This smooth Lindy hop and Shag old timer simply rocked hard at battles and competitions in the late 90's and early 2000s.

Did you know he was the winner of the very first Shag contest at Camp Hollywood and that his style was what inspired Stephen Sayer to start shagging!?

Be sure to find out a lot more!

Innumerous-times Shag Champion, Fancy is fluent in shag language!


Dancing and learning with her is like talking to her. You'll be pleased with her good humor, kindness, and keenness. She really enjoys having a good time with you.


Originally from Los Angeles, currently living in Paris, she has been dedicating her remarkable pair of legs to Collegiate shag since 2008, and has never stopped making the dance world a better place with her teaching, performing, competing and social dancing.

Fancy Dougherty
Minn Vo

If there's anyone that knows what's hot in our swing world, it's him. Minn adds the Hollywood flavor to his dance. His cool moves catch any audience's attention, not to mention his acrobatic skills. And he knows just how to make it easy for you to learn.


This entertainment expert and Shag champion has 20 years of experience. He has danced and learned with many swing stars and knows just what you need.

Sylvia Skylar

The leading lady of dance crushes. None has left the floor with such a vast amount of smitten leads in her path. We are honored to have the first and maybe only true rock star of the modern swing era at LA Shag Festival. Famous for coining the term "Hollywood Style" and for bringing it to the mainstream of the modern Lindy movement, Sylvia is sure to make you fall in love with Hollywood Style Lindy.

Justin Zilman

Game Changer. When Justin came to the scene he brought a style no one had seen before. Smoother than eggs with footwork, musicality and connection that were ahead of it's time. He inspired a huge following of swing dancers to imitate what was often reffered to as "Groove Style." With a person so cool and dancer so bad ass, you are sure to join the Justin Zillman fan club.

Jeremy Otth

One of the most creative dancers you will ever see. This artful expert will have you in awe as he demonstrates the simplest things. Jeremy is crafty and shining in all that he does. He has learned from so many masters and has become one himself. The world of swing is his playground and he is well seasoned in it. He has a hat full of tricks that has continued to impress audiences and students around the world. Jeremy lives to the beat of his own drum, you will love his colorful and altruistic nature along with how much he will inspire you on the social floor.

Laura Keat

The girl who can do it all! Known for her limitless talent and her generous spirit, Laura is as good in the classroom as she is on the dance floor. She has taught for years all over the world and holds titles in countless championships in Balboa, Lindy and Shag! A true jitterbug whose knowledge of all things that swing will inspire you to want more and more as her mastery is brought to you very direct and straight to the point. There is no cutting corners with Laura; she knows how to get things done.